Vučko #1 / Little Bad Wolf #1

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This was inspired by Fantasia, Showgirls and the first thing that happened in 2010. It's probably going into the Wrong Star sarcobucket. The title implies that there's a continuation. It's not about anyone I know in particular, it's about one of the strangest practices from my point of view.

The strange motifs from the first verse come from the hallucinations I had back in 1991, the first time I had flu. I only had it four times in my entire life and the second and fourth time didn't come with such high fever. The third time, in 1994, I thought I was a pirarucu, yet I was clearly a four eye fish from a third person's perspective. Just thought I'd let you know, though implementing a sick child's desperate moment into a p..m might be tasteless. Then again, it goes well with Fantasia.

Vučko #1

Ćao Vučko,
evo ti četkica za zube,
očisti sve u vidokrugu,
mora da ti je žao što nisi visok tri metra,
mora da ti je teško što nosiš kamenje na leđima,
mora da ti je žao što ćeš zobati sintetiku.

Ćao Vučko,
stani ovde, baš ovde,
i pretvaraj se da praviš struju,
a posle pretvori kamen u zlato
i pospi nebesa zvezdama.
ne možeš, a?
Tako sam i mislila.

Ti si samo žica na dalekovodu,
ti si samo prazan kotao,
ti si samo dugačke merdevine.

Donose kofe,
jednu za drugom,
ne možeš da ih zaustaviš
Nisi ti za ovo,
nisi ti za ovo,
ni senku ne možeš da pobediš,
navikao si samo na uputstva.


Little Bad Wolf #1

Hi, Little Bad Wolf,
Here's a tooothbrush,
Polish up everything in sight,
You must be sad not to be ten feet tall,
You must be sad to carry boulders on your back,
You must be sad that you're to nibble on synthetics.

Hi, Little Bad Wolf,
Stand here, right here,
And pretend you're making electrical power,
Then turn a stone into gold,
And seed the stars deep into the sky.
You can't do so, huh?
That's just what I thought.

You're nothing but a trunk,
You're nothing but an empty cauldron,
You're nothing but long ladders.

They're bringing buckets,
One after another,
You cannot stop them.
You weren't born for this,
You weren't born for this,
You can't even beat a shadow,
You're only used to instructions.

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