Tako mi se plavo svetlo / I so feel the blue light

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Many thanks to Pavel for inspiration. Since I have no friends named Pavel, this is confusing. And I enjoy that.

Tako mi se plavo svetlo

Tako mi se plavo svetlo
prolama kroz sve kapilare
i ubija i poslednji tračak duše
kad se setim svega.

Plava bajka, slična plavoj grobnici,
samo davi na potpuno drugi način,
kako se sve u trenutku promenilo!

Tako mi se plavim svetlom
otvara put kroz tvoju jazbinu,
ono obasjava i poslednji tračak nade
i nigde više nema ničega.

I onda ćeš mi reći
da to jeste plavo svetlo,
ali ne ono na koje mislim,
jer su ga mnogi promašili,
a oni koji nisu,
njima samo svetle zvezde
i negde drugde se gnezde.

Mislila sam da je to pravo svetlo,
poput onoga na kraju tunela...
...i onda je buka postala jača
i udario me je avetinjski voz.

Gde je sad to gnezdo?
I gde su sad te zvezde?
Ova je pogrešna!
Zašto plavo nije plavo kad je plavo?


I So Feel The Blue Light

I so feel the blue light
Breaking through my blood vessels,
Killing the very last bit of soul
When I remember it all.

Blue fairy-tale, similar to a blue tomb
Is suffocating in a completely different way,
How it all changed in a mere second!

I so feel the blue light
Opening the way through your lair,
Shining on the last glimmer of hope,
And there's nothing left.

And then you'll tell me
That it is blue light
But not the one I thought of,
Because many got it wrong
And those who didn't
Their only light are the stars
And they're nesting elsewhere.

I thought it was the real light,
Like the one at the end of a tunnel...
...and then the noise became louder
And I got hit by a gost train.

Where is the nest now?
And where are those stars now?
This one's wrong!
Why isn't blue blue when it's blue?

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