Pogrešna zvezda / Wrong Star

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This one is meant to be the epilogue of the Wrong Star series and, obviously, it's what the whole series was named after. While the imaginary story is pretty straightforward and gives one of the meanings to the whole thing; the rest of it, as usual, is left for the reader to figure out.

The nonsense line? Another verb was meant to be there, but it would have been even more nonsense...which is too bad, as it would have created a fairy absurd matter of concern to the narrator.

For anyone who could, possibly, get this wrong and does not have enough history/geography knowledge to get where the stage of these p..ms is: no, the narrator in these wasn't going on a religious pilgrimage. The narrator is not a nun or monk and this is NOT a Paulo Coelho-like story (though I respect his writing, regardless of how spiritual he is and how de-spiritualised I forced myself to be in the last year and half).

To read more about the whole series, click here.

Pogrešna zvezda

Pogodi šta ima novo?
Bežala sam hiljadusto kilometara da te zaboravim,
zavukla sam se međ' debele zidove
i tamo nije bilo nikoga,
ništa nije pravilo galamu,
mogla sam da čujem mrava kako kija,
i onda je dunuo vetrić.
O, ne!
Ne mogu da pobegnem.
Ne mogu da te zaboravim,
čak ni na jedan dan.

Dopustila sam pogrešnoj zvezdi da me vuče,
nisam omogućila nikome da me pronađe,
no ti me ipak nađeš svugde,
proklet da si!


Wrong Star

Guess what's new?
I ran seven hundred miles to forget you
I surrounded myself with thick walls
And there was nobody around
Nothing was making a sound
I could even hear an ant sneeze
And then there was the breeze
Oh no.
I cannot run away.
I cannot forget you.
Not even for a day.

Let the wrong star guide me
Didn't let anyone find me
Yet you find me everywhere
Damn you!

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