(Ovo je drugi deo mog) Bluza plavog mačora / (This is the second take of my) Blue cat blues

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This is the reprise of Blue Cat Blues. It features an almost identical setting, but the narator seems to be a bit smarter. Some elements are re-used, some ideas are re-used and, funny enough, the first p..m I wrote in 2010, Daughter of the Air, gets denied at the very end. Everything is the same as in Blue Cat Blues, there's just a so-and-so copy of the original vilain. And copies of vilains are boring, real vilains are probably more interesting. The narator feels like hibernating for a period of time, as the xeroxed vilain, after proving that they indeed aren't cute at all, is doing the exact opposite of the original vilain, which is pretty pathetic and predictable.

Both of these were written before I came up with the concept of Wrong Star, but should Wrong Star get published, they will be a part of some off-series addendum.

Once again, this has no roots in real life of anyone I know. It was just interesting.

(Ovo je drugi deo mog) Bluza plavog mačora

Ovo je drugi deo mog...
Bluza plavog mačora
Našla sam one bakandže
ponovo ih nosim
uštedela sam na parama

Bluz plavog mačora,
jao, kakva dosada,
kao san koji se ponavlja
nema ničega što nisam videla
prošli put, sve je kao i prošli put

Ti, ti, ti, ti si tako dosadna
Ne mogu da shvatim što me živu ne dereš
Ti, ti, ti, ti si tako predvidiva
Dva i tri pet, no isto je i kad tri i dva sabereš

Sela sam na šine,
sela sam na šine.
Pa gde je taj voz?
Ima da ga otmem, samo tako!

Sve se ponavlja
sve se ponavlja
čudna oscilacija
Poremetila bih je malko

To znači šablon.

Odevena u rep
sa zalepljenim škrgama
to nisam prava ja
To je samo maska
uloga koju igram, zadatak
Kad li je ovome kraj?


(This is the second take of my) Blue cat blues

This is the second take of my...
Blue cat blues
I found the old shoes
I'm wearing them again
Didn't have to spare a dime.

Blue cat blues
Oh such a snooze
Like a reoccurring dream
There ain't nothing I have not seen
Last time, it's all like last time.

You, you, you, you are so boring
You don't even want to claw me alive
You, you, you, you are so predictable
Like 2 and 3, 3 and 2 too make 5.

Sitting on the track
Sitting on the track
Where's the train?
I want to hijack it!

It's all coming back
It's all coming back
An odd oscilation
I would like to break it

That means pattern.

I'm wearing a tail
I'm wearing gill
But I'm not for real
It's just a mask
A role I play, a task
When does it end?

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