Zameniti unutrašnjost / Change What’s Inside

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Two within an hour!

This one is a part of the Wrong Star series. It's the role reversal in terms of who's the "tag" compared to From The Bottom Of A Broken...Uh?! and it probably does not reflect what I'm thinking at the moment...instead of that, it reflect the black-est moments of the narrator's mind...if the narrator was thinking that way constantly, they would be shallow as in e.g. "teenage horny boy shallow". I cannot think of anything more shallow that a teenage boy, and even creators of cheap T-shirts agree with me.

Zameniti unutrašnjost

Spoljašnost me je vukla i vukla,
čak i sa ovolike daljine,
skakutala sam prema tebi,
nedelju za nedeljom, dan za danom.

Mahala sam repom, donosila prutove,
ne primećujući da mi raste još jedan rep,
ne primećujući da mi raste još jedan par ušiju,
ne primećujući da mi oči vide predaleko,
a ne vide ono što je ispred nosa.

Onda sam prišla bliže
i shvatila s kim imam posla,
dopada mi se spoljašnjost,
unutrašnjosti se, pak, bojim.
Da li bih mogla da zamenim unutrašnjost,
pa da postaneš idealan za mene?

Da li bih?
Da li bih?
A šta je tačno unutra?

Change What's Inside

The outside was dragging me in,
Even from so far away,
I was leaping towards you,
Week by week, day by day.

I would wag for you, bring over sticks,
Nnot noticing I'm growing another tail,
Not noticing I'm growing another pair of ears,
Not noticing my eyes see too far
And not see what's right here.

Then I came closer
And realised what you are
I like the outside,
But the inside scares me
Could I change what's inside
So you'd be ideal for me?

Could I?
Could I?
And what is really inside?

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