Bluz plavog mačora / Blue Cat Blues

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Just like yesterday, here's another one inspired by animated films...this time, it's not dogs, it's cats and mice...this p..m was inspired by the darkest and most pessimistic episode of Tom and Jerry. Sadly, it features the bad character from Roses Around Europe, as it's the only really, really evil entity I know and whenever there's evil, there's that particular character. They see, eat, drink, breathe and emit evil.

For its continuation, read the tomorrow's post.

This has no roots in real life of anyone I know. It was just interesting.

Bluz plavog mačora

O, šta me ćapi? Šta me ćapi?
Bluz plavog mačora
Nosim teške bakandže
Srce mi se zaledilo
U očima mi je kiselina.

Bluz plavog mačora
on će poludeti
kao da je to noćna mora
Volela bih da ovo nisam videla,
već dugo traje, vremena su me pregazila.

Ti, ti, ti, ti si tako zla
Što me živu dereš, to ne mogu da shvatim.
Ti, ti, ti, ti i onako sve već imaš
Pusti me da negde u svom uglu patim.

Sela sam na šine,
sela sam na šine.
Pa gde je taj voz?
Neka ovo bude moj sudnji dan.

Meni se baš gine,
meni se baš gine.
Dokle god je tebe
ovo stanje nije moj stan.

To znači zauvek.

Kažu da sam nosila crno
kažu da sam imala rukavice
Ali to nije istina.
O da, pobedila si, neka,
voz stiže da me ucmeka
...i onda se raspada, tu, preda mnom?!


Blue Cat Blues

Oh what has hit me? What has hit me?
Blue cat blues
I'm wearing heavy shoes
My heart is now cold
There's acid in my eyes

Blue cat blues
He'll go loose
Like a bad bad dream
I wish all of this could be unseen
It's been so long, the time flies.

You, you, you, you are so evil
Why do you want to claw me alive
You, you, you, you already have it all
Let my burden be.

Sitting on the track
Sitting on the track
Where's the train
May this be my final day

Never coming back
Never coming back
As long as there's you
I don't want to stay

That means forever.

They said I wore black
They said I had gloves
But that wasn't real
Oh yes, you beat me
Train's gonna hit me
...then it breaks to pieces before me?

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