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! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

I actually don't like this way of connecting words, because it reminds me of a prepotent idiot three years older than me than a friend left me for...oh, wait a minute, if they left me for that person, perhaps they're not a real friend. Either way, it does not sound bad in my native language, so I threw up in my mouth a little and translated it as a new "word" in English.

This one's simple: trying to understand reciprocal romantic love in people. For some people, reciprocal romantic love is daily routine. For some others, it's a myth.

It's not a part of the Wrong Star series. Only the title could put it there...perhaps the feeling of screeming into a large nothing full of nothing, but basically, no. I actually borrowed a line from John R. Dilworth and modified it a bit. If you recognise the line, you might understand the title.


Anđeli lete sami,
dakle nisi anđeo,
uvek moraš da imaš nekog pored sebe.

Ako imaš ljubav,
ne treba ti niko,
samo želiš da budeš voljen i skriven.

Ljubav je tako moćna,
horizonti su ti toliko široki
da ne vidiš dalje od nosa
Oh, stvari koje činiš za ljubav...
...a šta činim ja?

I sama sam
i sanjam
i sanjam
i sanjam
Ali moji snovi nisu masni.

I ta sam
i vrištim
i vrištim
i vrištim
Ali moji vrisci nisu glasni.

Demoni gore sami,
dakle nisi demon,
uvek goriš u nečijem naručju.

Ako imaš strast,
ne treba ti osećajnost
i opet imaš novu amajliju.

Ljubav je tako moćna
um ti je toliko slobodan
da si pod rešetkama
Oh, stvari koje činiš za ljubav...
...a šta činim ja?



Angels fly alone,
So you're not an angel
You always need someone by your side.

If you have love
You don't need anyone
You only want to be loved and hide.

Love's so powerful,
You build things,
You break things,
You get things,
You lose things,
Your views are so broad
That you can't even see
Oh, the things you do for love...
...and what about me?

And I'm alone
And I dream
I dream
I dream
I dream
But my dreams are too silent.

And I'm the one
And I scream
I scream
I scream
I scream
But my screams aren't violent.

Demons burn alone,
So you're not a demon
You always burn in someone's arms

If you have passion
You don't need compassion
And you change all your lucky charms

Love's so powerful,
You do things,
You miss things,
You find things,
You lose things,
Your mind is so open
That you can't even see
Oh, the things you do for love...
...and what about me?

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