Neću to da jedem / Don’t Want To Eat That

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Not a part of the series (which now has a name, I decided to name it Wrong Star...has at least four ways of reading it, yay!), semi-idiotic, but I actually know what I'm trying to say. Its topic is based on my friend Robyn's wrong interepretation of one of my early 2009, "Puppy, Candy, Kitty". I found her wrong interpretation very interesting and recently, there's been something going on that I could base it on. Beecha wawa!

And like someone said in early 2009 as well, there are no wrong interpretations.

And yes, at least four ways to read this one as well.

Neću to da jedem

Neću to da jedem, neću to da jedem,
neka mi je loše, neka i nazebem,
neka živim par godina manje,
neka mi se pogorša stanje,
no, neću to da jedem.

Vitamini, histamini,
citostatik, superfanatik,
bez glutena, uz malo selena,
prevencija, potencija,

Neću to da sanjam, neću to da sanjam,
neka i ne spavam, neka i umrem,
neka me hrane kroz cevčicu,
neka mi začepe gubicu,
neću to da jedem.

Smirenje, pomirenje,
saznanje, izvinjenje,
k'o beba, tako i treba,
vidokruzi, trtiguzi,


Don't Want To Eat That

Don't want to eat that, don't want to eat that,
I don't care if I feel unwell or catch a cold,
I don't care if I live a couple of years less,
I don't care if my condition turns bad,
I just don't want to eat that.

Vitamines, histamines,
Citostatics, superfanatics,
No gluten, some selene,
Prevention, potention,

Don't want to dream of that, don't want to dream of that,
I don't care if I don't sleep or if I die,
I don't care if they feed me through a tube,
I don't care if they sew my mouth shut,
I don't want to eat that.

Calming down, making up,
Finding out, saying sorry,
Like a baby, like you should,
Horizons, basket cases,

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