Sutrašnja ruža / Tomorrow’s Rose

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

I wrote this one when I got fired on the eve of my birthday. I'm not sure if my ex-boss provoked it, but he might have. He's a good guy, but more chaotic than me and therefore, he spends his life relying on non-chaotic people. In addition to that, his writing skills, regardless of the language he's using are shockingly poor (e.g. he would spell Christmas with a double S at the end?! He also makes gets almost all common errors in our native language, incredible!), though he has completed more official education than I have. Either way, he only provoked it, he's definitely not the "plain fool" from its end.

The idea? Doing things because you love them, not because someone else's expecting that from you, not because you could gain a lot from it. Not avoiding those you love because of someone else's peer pressure and your supposed reputation. Not giving in to various self-help programs and other mindwashers, but finding strength in realistic things and love in those near you. And so on...

Sutrašnja ruža

Ne znam ko sam bila,
no mnogo sam me volela
izgubljena sam princeza
princ me se odrekao
snovi su udarali u zid
onda bih ja udarila u njih
lančani sudar
fatalan samo za njih
trljan svoje rane
solju butalnosti
...nisam ja taj gubitak.

Danas ne,
ali sutra ću biti ruža.
Možda crvena. Možda žuta.
Držaću latice širom otvorenima
i to ne samo radi poziranja,
ko preživljava zimu, a ko umire?

Dosadni pupoljci,
niste znali da su mali.
Dosadno sitno trnje,
na pijedestalu.
Krdo belog bagrema
mi možda kvari red,
ali kad grliš im stabla
daju još lepši med.
I jedni i drugi možda bodemo, shvati!
Ne možeš prevideti kako cu rasti,
stvari koje ne znaš ne možeš znati.

Danas ne,
ali sutra cu biti ruža
možda mirisna, možda bez sjaja
Ako mi držiš latice zatvorenima
i to samo radi poziranja
ti si ništa drugo do obicna budala.


Tomorrow's Rose

Don't know who I was,
But I really adored me,
I'm a lost princess,
Cause my prince disowned me
Dreams were crashing into wall
And I'd crash into them
A chain collision
Fatal solely for them
Rubbing my wounds
With salt of brutality's not me who's a fatality.

Today not,
But tomorrow I'll be a rose
Might be yellow, might be red
I'll hold my petals open
And not just to strike a pose
Who survives winter and who ends up dead?

Boring little blossoms,
you really thought were special.
Boring little thorns,
On a piedestal.
A pack of black locusts
Might be blocking my sight,
But their flowers hold more honey
When you hug their trunks tight.
We all might sting, deal with it!
You never know how I'll grow
You'll never know things you don't know

Today not,
But tomorrow I'll be a rose
Might be fragnant, might be dull
If you hold my petals closed
As you have to strike a pose
You are nothing but a plain, plain fool.

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