Nepoznato dete / The Unknown Child

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

How about a little break from claustophobic, apocalyptic, toxic poetry?

Yesterday was the 14th and I wanted to post my p...m about yet another morbid thing - the Unknown Child. But I worked like a dog and ended up attending the tennants' meating about dog shit (I am not even joking, we had an urgent meeting over unknown dog shit on the stairways and in the corridors); so I didn't make it.

For those who don't know history - yesterday was the 98th anniversary of RMS Titanic's sinking. When it sunk, the fourth of the bodies sailors from the recovery ship Mackay-Bennett found was the body of a little blonde toddler. They were upset and they paid for his monument and a copper pendant placed in his coffin by recovery sailors that read "Our Babe". Today, as of three years ago, it's finally known that the boy's name was Sidney Leslie Goodwin and that his whole family perished that night, but no body other than his was recovered.

And if anyone's about to tell me that I write only about bad things, go on, it's probably true. I once imagined that I was Emily Schindler and that I felt betrayed by my husband?! That was a true PMDD moment. And I wrote about Conrad Schumann (as far as I can remember, many people loved that one on my old blog!), WWI WWII, the 90s civil war in this area and my recent are combining own experiences with...well, if you didn't get it by now, you don't know history and you don't know what a good quarter of the world is sick of.

So, this one goes to Sidney. Originally written on 02nd December 2008.

Nepoznato dete

Nepoznato dete, sa licem anđela
izronilo je iz svoje gigantske grobnice,
ostavivši hiljadu izgubljenih duša
da se večno muče, jer život nije film
i 1997. za njih nikad nije stigla.

Mala prozirna senka nad talas se nadigla,
pogledala levo i videla - ništa,
pogledala desno i videla - ništa,
a zatim uzdahnula i zapitala se
kakav bi život živela
da se onaj pogrom nije dogodio
i da je nije u večnu grobnicu povukao.

Nepoznato dete, praznih očnih duplji,
odletelo je do prvog velikog grada,
provuklo se na nečiji čas istorije,
i gnušalo se pri pomisli o dva svetska rata,
katastrofama i milionima izgubljenih snova.

Kad je bolje razmislilo, uželelo se svojih okova.
Pogledalo je levo i videlo - previše.
Pogledalo je desno i videlo - previše.
Zatim, gorko plačući, pošlo je natrag.
U večnom gradu izgubljenih duša
svi su jednaki i svi se vole,
iako ih je nekada davno pojeo mrak.


The Unknown Child

The unknown child, with face of an an angel
Dove out of his gigantic tomb,
Leaving thousands of lost souls behind,
They're sentenced to forever, as life isn't film
And 1997. has never arrived for them.

Little translucent shadow jumped the wave,
Looking to the left, he saw - nothing,
Looking to the right, he saw - nothing,
Then he took a deep sigh and wondered
What kind of a life he would have lived
Hadn't that night really happened
And dragged him into the eternal grave.

The unknown child, his eye socket empty
Flew away to the first big city,
Got into someone's history classes
And got sick thinking of two world wars,
Catastrophes and millions of lost dreams.

Second thought, wanted his shackles back.
He looked to the left and saw...too much.
He looked to the right and saw...too much.
Then, crying as loud as can be, he went back.
In the eternal ciity of long lost souls,
Everyone's equal and everyone feels the love,
Even thought darkness took them away long ago.

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