Jedinstven / One Of A Kind

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This one might look as a total stereotype or, God forbid, a positive thinking stereptype kind of a p..m. But if I say that it's a part of the series I'm writing, it suddenly gets a really, really ugly dimension as well.

What is being unique, anyway? I was never into being unique for the sake of being unique and the concept of a "beautiful snowflake" is repugnant and strange to me. If everyone's unique by birth already, what does that word even mean? Why does everyone find people to look up to just because they're supposedly "unique"?

I was never really into this. I like people for little things that make them warm, outspoken and likeable in other ways. If someone comes and does something that makes no sense and the whole world applauds on it for "being unique" (e.g. that android woman who's been topping the charts for a year, shall not use her name here...), that does not mean it's good. That just means people are being less and less special by trying to be more and more special.

I am loving this writing experiment more and more every day. The best comment I got so far is that I sound as if I were about to poison some member of the opposite sex. I don't think I have such ambitions, though there were a couple of men, mostly politicians, in the past, who had that "please, poison me" look in their eyes. But I seriously don't intend to be Lucrezia Borgia here.


Promeni svet
tako što ćeš biti jedinstven,
Ali to nije dovoljno,
moraš da prelaziš granice,
da budeš jedan i jedinstven,
da svima zavrtiš umove.

Promeni sliku, zauvek.
Promeni standarde, zauvek.
Promeni način na koji shvatamo, zauvek.
Budi tu i kad svi odu, zauvek.

Isključi se iz svih utičnica,
nemoj se više nikad uključiti,
oteraj sve, oteraj sve,
a potrudi se da stalno pričaju o tebi.

A ako ne mogu uvek da ti potrefe ime,
koga briga, koga briga, koga briga, koga briga,
svi znaju ko si, kako god okreneš,
ustvari, znaju li? Znaju li?

Postoje situacije kad je sve tvoje,
jer niko nikad nije otišao toliko daleko
niti će iko ikad otići.

One Of A Kind

Change the world,
By being unique,
They say,
But that's not enough
You have to push the limit
You have to be the one of a kind.
You have to blow everyone's mind.

Twist the picture, forever
Change the standards, forever
Change the way we perceive it, forever
Be here after everyone's gone, forever.

Unplug yourself from it all,
Don't ever plug yourself back in,
Chase everyone away,
Yet get them talk about you all the time.

And if they can't say your name right
Who cares, who cares, who cares, who cares,
Everybody knows who you are, anyway
Actually, do they? Do they?

There are situations where everything's yours
Because nobody's ever gone that far
And nobody ever will.

One Reaction to Jedinstven / One Of A Kind

  1. Calítoe.:. says...

    I think one of the most unique things one can do is not trying to be unique.

    By the way, I detest that android woman too (I think we are talking about the same one). I really considered opening a hatelisting for her, but she doesn't even deserve that. :p


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