Ruže širom Evrope / Roses All Around Europe

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

My wonderful tree, Miki, is close to having leaves more and more every day, I'm getting better and better compared to all previous years, trying to finally wrestle with this life and coming up with metaphors for the book as if my daily bread was depending on it. Right now I would like to see the butt-ugly bald guy who said I'm insane seven months ago.

Here's another one where you cannot quite guess what is happening, when it's happening, only where it's happening. There are three different years involved in the story, all three of them are the years of various World Cups. One of these years features an unfortunate series of rainy days and pixie dust, the other year features an extreme series of floods and lots of pretty flowers and the third...nothing yet. The references to the third one are minimalistic and obvious, at the beginning and the end, and the other two have been blended together so carefully that they fit one into another and are almost impossible to make out.

The personal part of this one was brewing in its kettle for almost four years until I got the strength to put it on paper. It's partly based on someone else's experience (which I already used as a motif for a couple of older, then repeated by many people over the course of the next XY months. But there was someone who simply had a different approach. Their approach did not involve props and they don't like it when plants die, either. Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush! This is where the kettle said it's ready.

Someone whom I prefer to avoid in all aspects of my life is making a slight cameo here. I think I'm comparing them to a certain intelligence agency. Whoever that person is, I swear they're dangerous and catastrophic enough to deserve a role here!

Also, yes, there's another fairy-tale parodied here. I can't make up my mind on the sickest of these parodies, but this one could be it. Pixie dust. I mean, seriously, PIXIE DUST? Half of the people I know in everyday life were messed up by it and I call it PIXIE DUST? It was a fun comparison and it was a great way to parody "positive thinking" once again, as well (to those who don't know: I do not believe in this approach and yes, things do happen if you want them, but they have to actually be at least a bit possible and you have to be doing something about it and not harm others on your way to wherever you think you're going!

Perhaps the one with Three Little Pigs is worse, but I am probably going to keep that one for myself.

Thank both pixie dust and the unwilling rose garden for hormonal disorder. Both have enriched/damaged me and enriched/damaged enormous numbers of people.

Ruže širom Evrope

Ovo je posebno proleće,
ruže cvetaju širom Evrope,
a uskoro će i Svetsko prvenstvo!
Ne skupljam ne skupljam skupljam sličice
No, više volim da skupljam tebe?!
Kad ćeš ti da skupljaš mene?!

Ovo je posebna noć,
za posebne devojke
sa ružama i poljupcima!

Ne trebaju mi ruže,
ja sam sama ruža,
bojim sebe u crveno,
a i još uvek imam traku,
rekla bih ti nešto
rekla bih ti štošta
no neko me prati
znaš ko bi to mogao biti
ma, znaš ko je to!

Vrti se,
valjaj se,
trči unaokolo,
brže, brže, brže, brže
dok ne izgubiš kontrolu,
Udri u zid, udri u zid,
oslobodi se, oslobodi se,
I onda nastupa vilinska prašina,
sve preko ruža,
sve preko nas, ostalih.

Ne umem da letim,
ne, ne umem da letim,
nemam vilinsku prašinu,
nemam krila,
nikad posebna nisam bila.

No, od noćas, sve se razbija,
povlači se uspravna linija,
pili smo pogrešno piće,
pali smo sa pogrešne zvezde,
jahali smo pogrešnog anđela,
i zato ću i ja jednom imati ta krila.

Gde sam to doletela?
Da li je ovde oduvek ovako?

Nikad nisam videla ovoliko kiše,
nikad nisam videla ovoliko cveće,
nikad nisam videla ovoliko ljudi,
idu tamo amo, kao da nešto prate,
ili kao da od nečega beže.

Možda se nikad neće vratiti,
možda više nikad neće cvetati,
možda neće imati ni zašto da se vrate,
možda više neće imati ni zašto da cvetaju.

Ovo je posebno proleće,
ruže cvetaju širom Evrope,
a uskoro će i Svetsko prvenstvo!
Ne nastupamo-nastupamo-nastupamo.
Ali...ali...ja navijam za tebe!?
Kad ćeš ti malo da navijaš za mene?!


Roses All Around Europe

This is one special spring,
Roses are blossoming around Europe,
And there'll also be a world cup!
I don't collect don't collect collect the stickers
But I prefer to collect you!?
when are you going to collect some of me?!

This is one special night
For all the special girls
With roses and kisses to give!

I don't need no roses,
I am a rose myself
I paint myself red
I still have the ribbon, even
I would tell you something
I would tell you a lot
But I have someone follow me
You know who that could be
You know who that is.

Spin around,
Roll around,
Run around,
Until you lose control
Hit the wall, hit the wall
Set yourself free, set yourself free
Then there's pixie dust
All over the roses
All over the rest of us.

I cannot fly,
No, I cannot fly,
I have no pixie dust,
I have no wings,
I was never really special.

But starting tonight, everything falls apart,
A vertical line is being drawn,
We had the wrong drink,
We fell from the wrong star,
We rode on the back of a wrong angel,
And that's why I'll soon have those wings, too.

Where have I flown?
Has it always been like this?

I have never seen this much rain,
I have never seen such big flowers,
I have never seen this many people,
They appear to be following something,
Or as if they were running away.

Perhaps they'll never return,
Perhaps they'll never bloom again,
Perhaps they won't have a reason to return,
Perhaps they won't have a reason to bloom.

This is one special spring,
Roses are blossoming around Europe,
And there'll also be a world cup!
We are not in, we are in, we are in.
But...but...I am cheering for you!?
When are you going to cheer a bit for me?!

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