Koga briga? / Who Cares?

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This one has been brewing for about six years. I partly dedicate it to an amazing friend of mine from the country most of my recent p..ms happen to have the "stage" in. I used him and myself and our countries (which end on all possible walls of shame recently...pretty embarrassing, by the way) as an illustration of what people who butter their backsides every day don't want to see in this world.

I value the friend in question a lot. For one - he's one of the most mature people I know, and when you say that about someone who photoshopped someone else's parts on a totally normal photo, invented a mock language with a purpose to annoy someone (OK, we did that one together...) and did a rather brave mock impression of a photo that scares most people away; that's some statement. Moreover - this friend's genuine take on optimism is what I prefer to the forced-out "positive thinking" most people who claim they're happy are pretending to be expressing. And lastly, it's our rather strange argument after the 2007 Eurovision finals that sort of provoked my search for the only unfixable thing in the world.

What inspired this writing was, initially, a film I saw five years ago. The film's called Purely Belter and it's really, really heart-breaking. It involves two rather poor boys in UK, aiming to get season tickets for their favourite football club. In addition to that, it was directed by Mark Herman, the person behind Little Voice and The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas. I recommend it.

The p..m starts addressing a particular person, but it very soon blossoms into addressing multiple people, probably a large part of the population with a specific way of thinking...so it's not an insult towards anyone in particular.

I'm planning to get this whole series done by the end of April...the best things are still brewing.

Koga briga?

Imam druga u osmom krugu pakla,
jedne godine smo išli u beli svet,
i to sve zbog tebe, sve zbog tebe,
iako nam je svet veći, belji i dalji
nego što bi to trebalo da bude.
Nije tako lako, izaći iz ovih svetova,
niti se mogu tek tako udarati recke,

U nekim velikim gradovima nema svetla na vrhu brda,
i svaki dan hodaš među ruševinama
u nekim velikim gradovima povremeno ima iskrica
i neke male kutije rade bi-bip, bi-bip,
ali sve je to mnogo tužno, je l' tako?
A tužne stvari treba apsolutno ignorisati,
jer treba misliti samo na lepe stvari,
treba jesti samo ono što može da se svari.


Who Cares?

I've got a friend in the 8th circle of Hell,
One year, we both went to see the world,
Only because of you, because of you,
Even though the world is bigger and further for us,
Than what it should really be.
It's not so easy, getting out of these places,
It's not so easy, getting sticker points.

In some big cities, there's no light on top of the hill,
And every day you're walking besides ruins,
In some big cities, there are sparkles every now and then
And little boxes are making the bee-beep, bee-beep sounds,
But all of that is very sad. Isn't it? Isn't it?
Sad things exist solely to be ignored,
Because you should think only about nice things
And you only eat things you can digest easily.

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