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! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

I am not a fan of John Lennon. Never was, never will be, if I had to pick a favourite Beatle (and I'm not too big on them, anyway), it would be George Harrison. I just get into more obscure music when it comes to the 60s. But if there's something I admire in that whole generation and the music they were creating, it's the cause they all stood for. They didn't think of today's "peace sign" as something you wear to fit in, they totally knew what it stood for and they stood for the cause. And I am not talking about the global peace myth, I'm talking about the abbreviation that the sign was created from.

Of course, that did not help. Perhaps because the movement connected to it would probably observe the invisible, incredibly powerful enemy as something of a whoa-cool value if they were stoned off their asses? Perhaps because you cannot really go against a huge lobby like that? Perhaps because all the plans were already made? Perhaps nobody ever thought the worst possible things could happen, even if there was no war to cause them?

And they did. I find the worst one really interesting to talk about and think of, which is probably obvious from my recent writing and it probably comes from the bunch of strange coincidences and the impact it probably had on lives of everyone on my continent; but that does not mean the others aren't interesting enough to write about. This one in particular IS because it marks what supposedly is the only big failure of the "better", "western" world. Otherwise, there'll only be the story that us KOMMUNISTS who write in cyrillic and those in the "third" world who find a big shiny in an abandoned hospital are capable of doing something as awful.

In this p..m, there's a case of hitting the keyboard and seeing what comes up. I have no idea how that line would be read out loud, but if I recorded it as spoken word, I would probably look for a digital equivalent of messing up the tape in that place.

And the title? I never realised how fitting it is until I sat down to write this blog entry - I think I explained why in the first paragraph, it was just the best-fitting word to describe something you avoided by pulling a Homer and something that would happen elsewhere, a couple of years later.

One more thing: if this day, 31 years ago, was today, it would cause mass hysteria and people would be dying in hospitals because they went to take a video for YouTube or a photo for Flickr or Twitpic.


1, 2, 3, 3 i po.

Zamisli da ne možeš kući,
zamisli da su se Amiši istopili,
zamisli da nema snova,
zamisli da ih neće biti.
Samo zamisli.

Zamisli da više nikad,
zamisli da više ništa,
zamisli da više nikud,
zamisli da je cveće veliko,
zamisli da su ti ruke male.

Ali koga je briga?
I ovako i onako
negde u blizini gori ugalj,
ima ovde mnogo budala,
no hajde da ih bude još.

Zamisli da je pet sedam,
zamisli neku drugu stvarnost,
zamisli da više ne možeš,
zamisli da ti ni ne daju,
zamisli da 907NV45U0V9I34=-X2OX3=-XC01234=-CV,O=-V45!!!!!

Napomena: ovo je opomena.

2...1...još uvek taj jedan?!


1, 2, 3, 3 and a half.

Imagine you can't go home,
Imagine the Amish melted down,
Imagine there was no dreams,
Imagine there not being any,
Just imagine.

Imagine that never
Imagine that nothing
Imagine that nowhere
Imagine the flowers were huge
Imagine your hands were small.

Who cares?
Either way,
Nearby the coal's burning,
There are many fools here,
But let's create more.

Imagine five was seven,
imagine a different reality
Imagine that you can't anymore
Imagine that they won't even let you
Imagine 907NV45U0V9I34=-X2OX3=-XC01234=-CV,O=-V45!!!!!

Note: This has been a warning.

2...1...still that one?!

If you, by now, figured out what the heck this p..m is about, look up the website of the place in question. It's so incredibly demagogic that it's funny!

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