Mala Distordiae

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This was started on the 09th of April 2009 and until tonight, it remained unfinisged. The title was Malum Distordiae, but I changed it to Mala Distordiae, for the sake of a really funny word game that occurs in the original version.

This time it's a parody of two classic fairytales with a single element of a popular modern book series. There are four (yeah, that number again) ways to determine what the "fence" is: one is connected to the area I am using as a stage for this series of, one is purely political, one is hierarchy-related, one is physical.

What else is funny? When I was writing this originally, I was stuck in PMDD and I intended this p..m to steal melody from a different written work. Today? I didn't try to sing it, it's not like I can sing either, so a good deal of that melody probably isn't there anymore.

Mala Distordiae

Imam ovu crvenu, crvenu jabuku,
pripremio sam je samo za sebe,
sakriću je od tebe,
imam nevidljivi ogrtač,
ne treba mi ništa od vas,
samo ogledalo i moje sopstvene šake,
rupa u glavi i razapeto platno,
i slike će se projektovati i preplitati.

Ne uzimam jabuke od stranaca.
Marmelada juče, marmelada sutra, nikako danas.
Mogu da oblikujem ovu jabuku kako želim.
Šta želim? Da se nosiš i da se ne vraćaš.

Imam ovu zeleno-žutu jabuku,
pripremila sam je samo za tebe,
sakriću je od pčela,
sama sam je ubrala s drveta.
Stvarno, stvarno, stvarno si nam potreban,
ovo je kao večno primirje usred rata.
Zašto ne želiš ovu jabuku,
sad kad sam je baš, baš odnegovala?

Katapultiraću je u tvoje šake
da, ova ograda će uvek biti ograda, znam.
No, jabuka je ljubav i zaceljuje mnoge rane,
ruke u vis, zar te stvarno toliko vređam?

Evo jabuke,
donosim ti je,
pažljivo sam je očistila,
sigurno je pala s drveta.
sigurno nije nimalo crvljiva.
molim te, zagrizi je, molim te, zagrizi je.


Mala Distordiae

I have this red, red apple
And I got it for myself
I will hide it from you
I have a cloak of invisibility.
I don't need any of you,
Just a mirror and my own hands,
A hole in my head and a canvas
And images will project and blend.

I don't take apples from strangers.
Marmalade yesterday, marmalade tomorrow, but not today.
I can mould this apple any way I want.
And all I want you to do is to shut up and go away.

I have this green and yellow apple
And I got it just for you
I will hide it from honey bees,
I have picked it right from a tree.
We really, really, really need you,
It's like an eternal truce in a war
How come you do not want this apple
After I'd made it all it could be?

I will catapult it right into your hands
Yes, this fence will always be a fence
But apple is love and there are many things it mends
Nothing can surpass your defence, I'm not a living offense.

Here's this apple,
I got it for you,
I cleaned it carefully,
I made sure it fell from a tree.
I made sure there are no worms in it.
Please have a bite, please have a bite.

3 Reactions to Mala Distordiae

  1. Calítoe.:. says...

    Isn't it "discordiae"? Unless there's also a pun with "distortion"... Maybe I didn't get it, sorry. :p

  2. Iva says...

    Yes, it's one of those things I call strategic typos. You're so smart it scares me sometimes... O_O

  3. Calítoe.:. says...

    I'm not that smart, I'm just "old enough", but thanks anyway. 😉


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