Nekakvo lepo pisanije (zbilja!!!) / Some Nice Scribe (Really!!!)

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This marks the first time ever that I swore in a piece of writing. I did swear on some cartoons, I did swear on a poster which I'll post tomorrow, but I never swore in a p..m. This one needed it, and it also needed some things that make no sense, e.g. "buying a kangaroo". Now, why is that? It could be a representation of a couple of things: mocking the pseudo-artistic, adding some absurd to the speaking character's excuses or making it sound good, at the expense of the whole of it making sense. It could? Yeah, that's why it is there for all three reasons.

I thought about how nice it would be to write something that actually has a melody, I can even imagine a guitar line to it, in the style of Milan Manojlović-Mance. If you don't know who Milan Manojlović-Mance is, he's a Croatian singer-songwriter with two albums' worth of nonsense songs, absurd, including two 10 minute plus tracks of pure silence. Most of his songs are free to download and some of them are in English, so check him out. If I could tune my acoustic guitar and come up with a single tone I could repeat throughout it and a short bridge after the kangaroo lines in the style of Garavi Sokak, I'd sing it, I swear.

A reoccurring character appears in this one. This time she's angry, she's very angry and she's trying to explain the usual protagonist how dumb she is, because all you have to do is always be quiet, accept everyone, make sure you don't touch your eyelashes because someone over there in Ulan Bator might be annoyed by it.

I actually adore this character to a certain extent. The real person who inspired it isn't as grotesque all the time and does have a lot of talents and wonderful qualities, but they have this habit of turning into a teddybear with a chainsaw when they disagree. Back in the days, I used to turn the other cheek. At this point in life, I prefer to run away, because I just think it's wrong when people try to drill themselves. Sure, you might lose some opportunities, but it just feels better when you aren't keeping it all in. And those who believe in your abilities are probably willing to take you the way you are.

Nekakvo lepo pisanije (zbilja!!!)

Ti uopšte ne razumeš
šta ustvari znači imati moć
stalno se oslanjaš
na snove koji ti dolaze u noć
Samo sediš tu
i piskaraš od devet do pet
stalno si kod kuće
dok ja obilazim svet.

I hoćeš da vidim šta si pisala,
vidim šta si pisala,
vidim šta si pisala.
Zašto? Dobro...

To je nekakvo lepo pisanije,
ali na tebi ne mogu da zaradim
ti si devojka, nisi muškarac
pa nemam ni nekih sekundarskih vrednosti

Radije ću prodati svoju dušu lažima
i kupiti kengura.
Kupiti kengura.

Ti uopšte ne razumeš
šta ustvari znači diplomatija
usuđuješ se da kažeš
da ti se nešto ne sviđa
Imaš ogledalo
umesto prozora
nikad nećeš blistati
nikad se nećeš svetlucati.

I hoćeš da te saslušam,
da te saslušam,
da te saslušam.
Zašto? Dobro...

To je teško, teško sranje,
no ja ti ne mogu pomoći
nemaš vremena, a uz to, ti nisi Oni,
a ako oni imaju problem,
ja ću prvo njima poći.
Radije bih prodala dušu tajni
i stigla prva na cilj,
i stigla prva na cilj.

Sipaću sneg u bočice
izbrojaću brkove svake mačkice
pretražiću svaki mogući otirač
takva sam, ne možeš da me biraš!

Some Nice Scribe (Really!!!)

You don't understand
What power really means
You're relaying
On all your stupid dreams
You sit down there
And write things all day
You're always at home
While I'm always away

And you want me to read what you write,
read what you write,
read what you write,
why? OK...

That's some nice writing,
But I can't make money out of you
You're a girl, you're not a man
So you don't even have the secondary value
And if They said they like blue,
You won't say you do, too
I'd rather sell my soul to lies
And buy a kangaroo.
And buy a kangaroo.

You don't understand
What diplomacy is
You dare to say
You don't like this
You have a mirror
Instead of a window
You will never shine,
You will never glow.

And you want me to listen to your problems
listen to your problems,
listen to your problems,
Why? OK...

That's some tough shit
But I can't help you
I've got no time and you're not Them
And if They have a problem,
I have to help them first
I'd rather sell my soul to the secret
And be there first.
And be there first.

I'll bottle the snow.
I'll count whiskers on each cat.
I'll examine every single bathroom mat.
You can't choose, I'm just like that!

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