Njegova majka, oblak / His mother, a cloud

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

This one is slightly similar to the previous one, let's say that there's more initial and less long-term horror and that I spun back 41 years in time from the previous one to write it...going back to the days when my parents were four and five years old and when most of the people I know weren't even born. In this one, the story is actually straightforward, apart from the bit that refers to a fairy tale about a little girl and a mirror that I read long, long ago.

Njegova majka, oblak

tu sam samo ja
i čovek tri ulice odavde,
a ovo je trg izgubljenih snova...
i popločan je mojom tugom.

molim te reci mi
kad ćeš plakati i ja ću
pokupiti tvoje suze...
i suze onih koji su s tobom!

Ako se nebo otvori nad našom baštom
koju si toliko volela,
tamo će rastinajmirisnije trešnje.

Ako se nebo otvori nad lukom
gde si me često vodila
tamo će plivati samo zlatne ribice.

šapućem svakoj kapi kiše,
znajući da si tu
i ako te nema više...
ja ne želim da odeš.

skupio sam svu kišnicu,
sastavio sam tvoju sliku,
i čekam da pričaš sa mnom...
gle, i ti si se meni nasmešila!

Ako se ova vuna od crnog šećera
više nikad ne pojavi nad mojom glavom
ovo će biti mnogo bolji svet.

Ako budeš u mojim snovima
koje su nam tog jutra ukrali,
odavde će stizati samo ljubav.


His Mother, A Cloud

there's only me
and a man three streets away
and this is the plaza of lost dreams...
tiled with my sorrow.

please do tell me
when you'll cry and
I will pick up your tears...
and the tears of those there with you!

If the sky opens up above our garden
which you used to love so much
that's where the most fragnant cherries shall grow.

If the sky opens up above the harbour
where you used to take me to
that's where only the goldfish shall swim.

I'm whispering to each single raindrop,
knowing that you're there
and even though you're no longer here...
I don't want you to leave me.

I picked up all rain water,
I put a picture of you together
and I'm waiting for you to speak to me...
look, you smiled back at me, too!

If this dark sugar candy floss
never appears above my head again
this will be a much, much better world.

if you remain in my dreams
which they've stolen from us that morning
this will be where only love comes from.

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