Kći vazduha / Daughter of the Air

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

The first p... of 2010 and the decade. It was written four and half hours into the new year. Last year it took me 20 hours to write White, Helpless Nights, aka the piece which has the phrase "ADMIT IT" in it way too many times. This one does not sound hysterical. I meant to post it in the last third of this month, for a rather specific reason, but instead of that, may it go online today. I had a rough day yesterday, having dealth with strange people and strange events both at work and at "work", so I just need to shout this out.

Kći vazduha

Ja sam kći vazduha
u zemlji gde se niko ne smeši
i nikad neću stići Tamo.

Ja sam kći vazduha,
volim krst koji nosim,
mrzimo ono što ne znamo.

Kad stignem tamo, bićeš negde drugde,
to si i sam rekao
i u to deo mene veruje.
No, drugi deo, pak,
se vrti oko užeta,
elektrifikuje nadu,
...daje, daje, daje.

Ja sam kći vazduha,
no ispostavilo se da sam slepa
i nikad neću stići tamo.

Ja sam kći vazduha
što provaljuje u kulu od peska.
Da li se još jedna strana cepa?

Ponovo lepljena u mojim rukama,
obasjava me svetlom koje me vodi
...moj trinaestospratni svetionik.
No, na poleđini,
ona je mračna i potpuno prazna
moj način je oduvek bio bolji,
I onda? I onda? I onda?


The Daughter Of Air

I'm daughter of the air
In the land where no one smiles
So I'll never get There.

I'm daughter of the air
We hate what's unknown,
I like the cross I bear.

Once I'm there, you'll be elsewhere,
That is what you said
And that's what a part of me believes.
The other part, however,
is spinning on a rope,
Electrifying hope,
...gives, gives, gives.

I'm daughter of the air
Yet I happen to be blind
So I'll never get There.

I'm daughter of the air
Breaking into a sand castle.
Have a new page to tear?

Glued back in my hands,
Glimmers with guiding light
...my thirteen-storey lighthouse.
The back of it, however,
Is just dark and blank
My way's always been the better way....
And then? And then? And then?

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