This website comes up in worst Google searches ever.

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Last night I flicked through the first hundred pages of my visitor logs on this domain, hoping to see some interesting keywords; as I often get the darndest ones on my John Frusciante unofficial website, Invisible Movement... such as "pornololitas", "sex with john frusciante", "sun movement in a year", "famous glasgow bloopers", "marshall major clones", "way of making sure you stay in touch with beauty" and "anthony kiedis cock size".

To my surprise, BEATS when it comes to bizzare search results. Here's the list of the weirdest ones in last couple of months. And it appears than the most of them would be much more suitable for a site one can't enter without paying. O_O

moaning myrtle having sex
creepy brushes for photoshop 7.0
do they celebrate christmas in belgrade, serbia
jasmin wagner feet
creepy websites
barely dressed moms
videos of people tickling people
pedophyle sex film
voldemort and bellatrix had sex?
miss roberta new year's eve 2007
rika nozomi last christmas
nude harry women
harry having sex with molly
hermione having sex with harry potter
broken mirror jinx
girls showing buttcracks
gay fox day
photos of nude danielle brisebois
cute squirrel will you be my friend
creepy skeleton girl broken mirror
harry potter and ginny having sex
life with iva blog
i'm 24 year old, bright and pretty 2nd year student
tonks nude - harry potter
how to make eurovision scoreboards free
pictures of harry potter having sex with moaning myrtle
girl with three buttcracks
ron and hermione actually were having sex
harry potter having sex with hermione kissing in bed all naked
worse websites
how to say shemale in different languages
i love juicy laptop
personal nude blogs
lucy diakovska exposed
catalan shemale
hari poter pies descalzos
john frusciante bisexual
net cet in physical education
ruslana underpants
life after iva
hyperactive parakeet
messy clown girls
red lost me dices. com schedule june
eurovision 2007 dresed like in the 80
mc stojan-bicuj me stojane song
squirrelism a religion
today's random acts of nudity
ugly fat english singer
country song lyrics- on day one i bumped into her
formula as luna august 2007
bitching about the heat
any girls want to exchange msn?
the flaca is mad
how to get on websites that are blocked and have sex
wasn't wearing underpants
all time low song lyrics to dear maria first cut

So...according to internet, this creepy website is a place where people come to see Harry Potter p0rn, nude women, nude Harry Potter women who are possibly, guess what, having sex with, shemales and ugly fat English singers. I have no idea how these come up, as I have never written a Harry Potter fan fiction in my whole life, nor I'm intending to and...even if I was interested in that, I doubt it would be porn and I doubt it would involve a dead 13-year-old girl or a huge red-haired woman who gave birth to six children. If I was really writing porn, it would have to be imaginative, even better than Mr. Bean in Paris.

I am actually amused that I'm not the only person who made the gay fox day spelling mistake [link]. Either that or there really is a Gay Fox Day, when we're supposed to acknowledge and appreciate homosexual foxes.

On the other side, I'm not amused that so many people want to know if John Frusciante is bisexual (and I have no idea how this website and not Invisible Movement where I do have some old, old article where he spoke about bisexuality comes up as a result in such a search); as those keywords appeared at least twenty times on the first hundred pages of counter stats.

I expect to see even more interesting keywords after I've listed them all here, seriously. Perhaps "hyperactive gay fox" "lucy diakovska having sex with moaning myrtle", "mc stojan married a catalan shemale", "pedophyles drink i love juicy", "gxgqrgy and broken mirror"...?

Oh well, as long as they don't come up with something extremely imaginative such as john frusciante having sex with molly weasley or iva wearing ruslana's underpants, I guess I'm fine.

Myrtle - ugly fat hyperactive English parakeet with three buttcracks

5 Reactions to This website comes up in worst Google searches ever.

  1. Michael says...

    At least you have "life after iva"... sounds like an ex desperately trying to find a way w/o you! 🙂

  2. Sigg3 says...

    Best one was: how to get on websites that are blocked and have sex.

    I've never had sex on a website. But then I have the most device mattress ever. I just need a non-squeaky metal frame for it.
    I want to marry your domain name.

  3. Sigg3 says...

    Device, device? Divine, of course.

  4. Mira Buva says...

    And how do you get all those... interesting Google searches?

    - ugly fat english singer - Mwuahahahaha! I know who this is! Wait, I don't. Liam Gallagher isn't fat, nor he's a singer.

    gxgqrgy is my personal favourite. Am I allowed to adopt it?

    Mc stojan-bicuj me stojane song (0_0) and girls showing buttcracks are extremely nice.

    Also, I need extra info here. Photos of nude danielle brisebois (WHO?)

  5. Sarah (Flo) says...

    "cute squirrel will you be my friend?"

    awwwwwwwwww 🙂


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