Bellum gerrere//Tempus fugit//Scripta manent

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Pretty much four week left until the best day of my life. Unless I fail again, which would be who knows which time. And no, I'm not talking about the Latin exam, despite the entry's title...that one will take place in January or February. This is something far more important than bellum gerrere, it's, well tempus fugit.

I did a stupid thing on Sunday. My Portugese friend living in UK logged in onto MSN with the name Damn Fireworks! and, knowing how to pronounce the name of the holiday, but suddenly unable to spell it properly, I asked her if it was the "Gay Fox" day. I meant to write Guy Fawkles...but I failed miserably.

As for the things from the previous entry, which I actually didn't finish, all of them continued to happen. In the case of the thing from the first paragraph, that's more than good, as it's wonderful to meet new people who make you smile, make witty jokes and actually listen to what you're talking about...however, in the case of that other thing, it's horror. Invisible Movement got suspended. 🙁 First some idiots and/or robots spammed my mailing list. I moved it to Feedblitz, but 2 days later weird things started happening again and it turned out that my site was using 55% of the server's CPU. I have no idea what was going on. And I had no way to pay for some other hosting, as I don't have a credit/debit card and, even if I did, everything I saved for the past couple of months is being saved for my university fee and the thing that might or might not happen this time in December. A friend suggested that I should take donations for the site; another friend agreed to accept the PayPal donations. And, well, I think the problem will be solved by the end of the week. I miss Invisible Movement, I need to work on it, there are show reviews, videos and pics I need to post, this world needs as much John Frusciante as possible!

As of now, my other websites and my friends' sites that I host are staying on this reseller account.

Dream CupOther than this mess, November has been good so far. On 1st November, Mira (whose website is currently down, so I'm not linking it) and I went out to do weird stuff, in order, to, well, celebrate 1st bird Gigi's 3rd birthday and something people like Mira and some others are obviously celebrating :p It was fun. We went to Lush and I tested a fresh face mask, then we were walking down the main street with, as we said, "ignorant and self-loving posture", then we went to McDonald's. Later that day, I read on some forum that there were people who were REALLY celebrating that, for serious. I think that's whacked, to be honest.

Two days later, us Lush Serbia forum members had our little November gathering...which eventually turned to be the big November gathering as there were 11 of us. For those who ever want to come to Belgrade, the dream cup at Cofee Dream is to die for! Whipped cream, yellow cream, fresh cherries, icecream, fruit juice, white and black chocolate know you want it 😉

18 Reactions to Bellum gerrere//Tempus fugit//Scripta manent

  1. Michelle says...

    Wha what? Tempus Fugit? O_o? LOL omg! what was her reaction? XD

    WOAH. using half of the server's capacity and 13-15 Gbytes of bandwidth per day?!?! WOW. that is ALOT~~ I hope you're successful in getting money!

    Lol as in celebrate the 1st of Nov? Hmm. anyway happy birthday to your bird! xD MMM SOUNDS NICE> x_x

  2. Iva says...

    1st November is the birthday of my friend's celebrity crush and he's the celebrity crush of many other people I know, it's just that some others somewhere else took it REALLY seriously. 😛 😛 😛

    The one whom I mentioned "Gay Fox" laughed less than I did myself.

    And Gigi says thanks for happy birthday wishes...even though he's a bitch and he'd most likely bite you. 😉

  3. Dana says...

    I want that whipped cream icey whatever lol it MUST be my favorite. As for the bandwidth issues Jeeez that's enough ain't it? and good that you met up with all those folks nice gathering 🙂

  4. Marsha says...

    Oh. Wow, that sucks about the site thing. I hope you get enough money soon.

    Happy birthday to Gigi!

    That dream cup looks so yummy!! No wonder it's the dream cup, eh? LOL.

  5. Sam says...

    I love Lush. This past September when I was away on vacation I visited a Lush store and went mad 😀
    It was alot of fun and my skin thanks me every day for it!

  6. fruityoaty says...

    😮 Whoah, that Coffee Dream sure looks 'to die for'! Yummy, I gotta try that at home - make something like it.

  7. Nozomi says...

    Aw, I-M was suspended? That's lame.

    That icecream coffee thing looks delicious.

  8. Natalija says...

    Coffee Dream, huh? I'll keep it in mind.

    I'm sorry to hear about your fansite--it's probably the most comprehensive John Frusciante site I've ever seen. An d it doesn't look like it's coded by a five-year-old (a common problem among fansites, it seems). It was an awesome site.

    I've never tried anything Lush. Considering how oily and disgusting my skin is... maybe I should...

  9. Rika says...

    Well, if I hadn't like a twenty-six or so reasons already to visit Belgrade, dream cup would be a good reason alone. 😉

    Wtf with So glad that it's working out. World would be a lot less John-ey place without it. And I know it's important to you. I'd like to know who was responsible for the arsing. I'd give them The Ping of Death. :mrgreen:

    Oh and the December thing? if it fails for some reason, I think I'm putting my foot against people's asses. You name, I kick. 8)

    Oh, and Happy November! (because i've been a w*nker and not been on teh mes_ *hides*)

  10. Brianne says...

    I've Guy Fawlkes is suprisingly hard to pronounce so don't feel so bad 🙂

  11. Melissa says...

    Gay Fox.....lmfao. Brilliant.

  12. Melanie says...

    Iva ! o_o Remember me ? Mm. You hosted me under

    How have you beeen ! Hehe. Gay fox 🙂 I once tried to say Faux Hawk (Fake mohawk) and I ended up kind of swearing at the same time because I thought you pronouced Faux as "faw".

    Mm.. Delicious Coffee Dream. drools*

    Anyways. Good to see you're still around

  13. Ellie says...

    Gay Fox day! Hah, that made me giggle. And sorry to hear about your suspended site... I hate when the technicalities cause problems. I hope thats fixed soon. And yummm! Coffee Dream. Goodness *wipes drool*

  14. Sanjana says...

    Gay Fox! Hahaha!

    Thanks so much for that nice comment you left at Misits. It's always nice to be thought of as original 🙂

    And oh my god, that whipped cream confection looks heavenly. How much will a plane ticket from india to belgrade cost? I'm thinking I want that 😛

  15. Angie says...

    wow i'm sorry about tghe site problems, 55% of the servers CPU?! but thats nice looking ice cream. 🙂

  16. Ankita says...

    I hope everything works out with that site!
    and OMG that looks so yummy!

  17. Brittney says...

    O no you tempt me so. I want that so bad it looks so yummy.

    What's supposed to be on November 1st? We celeberate November 2nd and 11th because the second is my mom's birthday and Panama's independence day (I'm half Panamanien she's full), the 11th is my birthday. But I haven't heard of anything on the first....

  18. Ben says...


    umm i'm sorry that your site got suspended and hope everythigns goes well to your new host.

    just one think i noticed your site loads very slow, as you are using wordpress i think you may have too many plugins, perhaps delete a few, or maybe just maybe the cpu usages is over 80-90% for the host server.


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