And I was sure that I posted this yesterday…OK, let’s update it

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Sometimes I think I should really give up on this planet. I was meant to live totally alone, without anybody. I have had one of worst days in my life ever...and it's just because I am what I am, which obviously sucks. People are not good, but I guess I'm even worse.

Everything started tonight when I thought I was doing something really nice and the meatime, Im accidentally lost my megabook and now I have to start all over again and, somehow, I am never lucky with guestbooks, people are not signing them at all. Great.

I went to bed after 3 AM and I woke up at seven. The milk was cold although the mug was warm, and after that I decided to walk to the uni to wake helped, but I realized that it was stupid of me to wear a cap, long socks and coat because it was so warm....the first lesson was OK, I actually said something, for the first time since we have started the school year. Yay, I am improving.

After that class, I went to take my bus card...but there were 300 people waiting in line before me. I gave up. I went to my mom's office to take off the double socks and then I ended up in the library eating and talking to Mirela. The lexicology class started a couple of hours later and, look, this time I was actually sitting on a normal place with Sofija.

At the end of the class, I went to see the list for seminar see who has chosen what. Una was standing in front of me and I heard her say :"Yuck, but Iva is in that group and I don't want to work with her!" Then she turned around and saw me. She didn't know what to say and she said something stupid. I was pissed off. Really. When we were going out of the classroom I saw her foot...and I couldn't resist, so I stepped on it! Gosh, I was such a bitch! But it felt soooooo good! Am I changing to a bastard? Hope not....I was just returning what I had to.

Then Sofija and I went for a walk again. She got a pack of ready-to-prepare soup with noodles from the Korean woman she was helping learn Serbian. And she didn't know what to do with it, since she's a vegetarian. I said we should give it to some beggar, but she was ashamed. Then we saw one old woman sitting and begging. I came closer and asked her if she has where to cook food. She raised her head and said yes. Then I gave her the package. I saw the gleam in her eyes...she was smiling. I felt so happy. I made someone happy. Sofija went home and I took a walk, drunk a large vanilla shake at McDonald's and I was in the Millennium Mall....that place is too expensive...that sucks.

When I returned, thinking that I skipped pedagogic psychology and thinking we have Latin, it turned out that the timetable has changed and now we're actually supposed to have both at the same time. Stupid teachers, really. I went home and I gave some money to another old woman I have seen in the street. I can differ a real beggar from some moron.

When I came home, mom and dad were watching "Gloomy Sunday"....I joined them...the movie is just great....and it made me cry. Each story that has something to do with Budapest is so melancholic...then why am I so happy whenever I go there? OK, and then I went to check my mails. My squirrels fanlisting was mot approved, melianSilke was throwing up on me and it all made me so sad that I started to delete people from my friends list for no particular reason. I told to my mom and she said I was acting like a fool. Then I added everybody back. Some comments on my rant were really nice and caring and I am thankful for that....I love you guys.

Then everything turned out to be good. Silke explained what happened and my mom said I did the right thing about Una...the last jinx of the day was my dad not letting me watch South Park...but who cares?

Now 13th November...I woke up too late because mom forgot to wake me up before she went to work...and she also forgot to turn off the heater in my room, so my throat was totally dry when I woke up. I didn't eat, I was trying to fix my damn Megabook...and then I went to my class, the only one I have on Wednesday. I came too late and I got one place on the side, but I still has a piece of table in front of me and a wall to lean on....but my head started aching and everything was so blurry....I felt I didn't understand even a word of what the teacher and the students were speaking....then I was asked to say which is passato prossimo of "potere" and I said that I don't know. Some bastards were laughing at me. I wished I was dead at that moment. Then my back started aching from that stupid position I was sititng in...I couldn't wait for the class to end and I went to my mom's, but first I have eaten a large tuna sandwich. My mom had an aspirin, luckily. Then we went to buy some stuff for me. I got great Sketchers winter shoes and new winter jacket...just what I wanted, And they look great....yay!

What else to say? Well, I installed *three* megabooks, the admin comment thingy is screwing up again, I was talking to people, EMAs are tomorrow and I am hoping Shakira wins something, I tried to make a new layout which is more suitable for the possibilities of my account, but I was lazy.

Help me by signing my *new* guestbook which has had just three entries so far...and I screwed up one because I was trying to reply to it. Crap.

Anyway....I have done a lot of things already.

And 14th November...I am sitting here, waiting for match between Red Star and Lazio...chances are minimal, but you'll never know. And I am wishing good luck to one great talented woman at the EMAs. She's the star of the year and Christina, Britney and co. could only be her servants!

We got a large phone bill again...and the street across got the cable access...hope we're getting it soon, this really bugs me.

Was just at one class this back home, I felt like sleeping and guess what, I didn't sleep.

12 Reactions to And I was sure that I posted this yesterday…OK, let’s update it

  1. razzf1 says...

    Sounds like the other day was a bit mixed :/ At least you made some people happy by giving them food and money... and you stamped on that bitch's foot - hehe 😉

    Happy you're happy, now!! 😀

  2. evabear says...

    Ah. I've had my guestbook since 1997. I have *checks* oh bother... Dreambook is down 😛 Anyway, I have something like...uhm 50 entries tops? 😛 I had another Guestbook when I used Geocities ages ago with maybe 20 entries in a year?

    That Una girl sounds like a complete bitch 😛 I would've stepped on her foot too 😛 with a very sweet smile on my face >;)

  3. ex_melian903 says...

    the story about the stupid student reminds me of a similar thing. But I didn't step on her foot. I shoved her into the doorway, by accident of course.
    Sometimes words just don't help. LOL!

  4. oceanna says...

    I'm sorry to hear about your stupid classmates. 🙁 That sounds to me like they are ten years old, that was when people were laughing in my class when someone didn't know the answer...
    Eversince I was 13, I can't remember that anyone would have laughed when you didn't know the answer.
    First you were "cool", cause it meant that you don't learn... Afterwards (when we were a bit more mature;) ) it was simply not interersting anymore, wheather someone knew the answer or not... But I guess that is also the chance that Luxemburg is really small, so you have really small classes too (even at University, my class was like 30 people only) and you are personally involved somehow with everyone, so they wouldn't laugh at you. 🙂

    Also : Congratulations on your big list that you've completed already, I don't think I'd be so good at it (that's why I never start such a list 😛 )

  5. oceanna says...

    your guestbook

    I just replied to your guestbook 🙂
    I had made it kept in the dark, due to my internet paranoia, but I think that only my last comment is hidden, not my whole entry?

    • Iva says...

      Re: your guestbook

      I don't know. But I guess it's not needed, since no one except me can see your IP.

  6. sabrinaf1 says...

    It's bad you had such a bad day on that day! People can be so mean. But you were great!
    BTW, I loooooooove your LJ layout! When it finished loading, I just let out a big "Oooooooohhhhh! How cute is that?" Very nice layout!

    • Iva says...

      I was supposed to mention it in my next entry, since it had some more mistakes and I had to repair them...

      I thought you were reading all LJs on the friends page?!

      • sabrinaf1 says...

        Some yes... but not yours! Well, like, I go in my Friends page and then find one of your entries and click so I get to your own LJ... This layout is definetly my favorite so far!


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