Oh, my…oh, my…

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

The telephone bill for August has just arrived....and it turned out to be another one of those where you can't realize when the hell have you spent so much hours? This time it clearly says:"1350 din"...which is 22,5 Euros! This has never happened. March was 247 din, April 850, May 670, June 560, July 500...and the fact is that I was really using much internet during the last week of July. The other fact is that I was hardly ever online in June. So why the hell was the bill bigger?

Dad will be very angry...he can't wait to blame me for something...yesterday he said that I am an idiot because I was eating my yogurt cream with cherries very fast and he thinks that thing should be eaten slowly. "Great".

What if he *really* takes out the cable out of the plug? Then I guess I'll have to get back to those four years of being a part of inventory in internet cafes all around the city, hanging around with dozens of diskettes and papers that say what should I upload and whom should I sent mails to. And I don't want that. Telekom is lying to us again.

Mom is afraid sometimes because she thinks that money she got from selling both grandma's flat in Berlin and cousin's flat in Beograd, accompanied by her 200 E monthly salary and dad's 100 E pension won't be enough for life before I finish uni and start working. Going to vacation is not a problem. Buying stuff is not problem. Getting broadband when it becomes available is not a problem.

Bills are the problem-electricity, telephone and service stuff (water, tax, et cetera) cost more than everything else. The government is actually taking all that money to give it to the employees who don't work in private arrangement and to retired. That's only way for the money to circle around because that "wonderful" Slobodan Milošević had literally robbed the budget during those 12 hard years of his governing. Since Austria and Germany, our fave donors, have their own problems with helping people who lost their homes now, there won't be as much donations as last 23 months...looks like the long road home is the hardest thing of them all. As I said to sashabel yesterday, I have a lot of chances to be happy in my next life. Tee-hee. Well, of course, I'd like to be useful sometimes...for example, to have a part-time job at some nice place such as bookshop, gallery or internet cafe, so mom can retire, since IMHO it's a crime that at the age of 61 she must work. But that's impossible, not only for me but for all the other uni students as well. Why? Because of our crappy timetables, made just for professors' satisfaction. For example, you have classes from 8 to 10 and then you go hom and come back to be there from 14-18...in all the normal systems people have classes from e.g. 8 to 14 and then they can do whatever the heck they want. Not here.

What makes me happy is Trillian....many thanks to Claudia who adviced me to use it. So, I'd advice all of you who use MSN/AIM/Yahoo/ICQ to download this handy program that handles all those messaging systems and then you can remove all those programs from your PC, since we all know how bad they are.

And thanks to you for making me feel so wanted...on this first page of my entries only one was not noticed...and it's the one where I was swearing after Jacques finished his Hungarian GP too early. Gosh, I am loved. People actually read what I am writing.
And I miss Icie, but I bet she's having a real cool time.

Allergy is hitting me. Maybe I won't be around the next two days because of the exam. But who cares....

If I could be a movie star for a day, I would be:Melissa Joan Hart...OK, she's a TV actress, but that's similar.

If I could visit any country, it would be: Germany because of Hardt and Italy because it's Italy...do I need more reasons for that?!

If I could turn back time, I would be: In 1999 and 2000, convincing people to give up on their stupid recconstruction plan.

If I could have one superpower, it would be: Turning back time

If I could trade places with anyone for a month, it would be: No thanks.

If I could take back some hurtful words once said by me, they would be: I don't think there's anything I regret at the moment

If I could chose a time period to live in, it would be: Dunno.

The color of my heart is red: I don't know. I just know the shape of my heart and the color doesn't really matter.

The color of my childhood was green: Does that mean that I am still a child?

The color of my present time is gray: Yes. Because people hurt each other and do stupid things all the time, which is rather worring to me.

None of us can see our future, but maybe the color of my future would be in yellow: Yup, because one day sun will eat Earth.

If you could choose the color of your skin, what do you want it to be? Why?: I like this one I have.

If you only had a black pencil in your hand, what would you like to draw? Why?: A map. Because that's what I usually do.

Draw an abstract object in transparent. What is it? Why it is transparent?: How can I draw it, anyway?

If God appointed you to be His artist, what color would you use mostly to color this world? Why?: Green, blue, yellow and brown, because those are original colors of the world.

The easiest place to look and find annoyances within one's life is within himself or herself. What, if anything, annoys you most about yourself?: Being me.

Most people know at least one person who seems to make your skin crawl and hair stand on end at the sound of their voice. Who is that person for you and why is it that you find them so annoying?: Want the whole list delivered in a container?

Television can be annoying too. Is there a television show or a movie that seems to be on TV all of the time that you find absolutely intolerable and what bothers you so much about it?: I hate Big Brother-like stuff, because it's voyerism and it's sick.

Name a song that you hate to hear and what do you think about, if anything when you hear it?: The name of song is "Sama" and I hate the lyrics.

Time to pick on the ones we love. Name three people who are close to you and the things that they do that you cannot stand.
::Mom-I can't stand when she says that I will end up cleaning streets.
::Dad-I can't stand his egocentric character.

People have differences of opinion. Names something that you appreciate and at least one person finds annoying or vice versa? Why do you feel this way?
:: Nature. I adore it and some other folks prefer glamour to it just because there are famous people.

Is there anything that at some point that you just did not like and now do enjoy? If so what is it and what changed you mind?
:: I didn't like Livejournal. I hated it because I didn't understand why don't I automatically add back people who add me, because no one (almost no one) was reading it the first three months and because I thought I can't use CSS and I hated hard-color tags...I also found the real faces of some people for whom I thought they were my friends on GF1. Now I love Livejournal because I can do whatever I want to it (I just miss good old Javascript), I know who my friends really are and I know I am not alone.

For your last question, of all the people and things that annoy you person, if you had to a choice to eliminate one from the world entirely, which one would it be and why do you feel you and every other human being are better off without it?
:: Bernie Ecclestone! Because he's a....(very bad world)

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  1. wizzby says...

    I'd ring the phone company and get them to query that, and if you can, ask for a fully itemised statement listing all calls made with length of call and individual cost. We got a bill like that once and discovered that the phone company weren't disconnecting the line properly at their end, a minor technical gliche except they didn't pick it up till we rang them. And they do get calculations wrong.

    • Iva says...

      I'd love to, but it's impossible. We have an analog phone line and it can't record anything:(

  2. jordi says...

    We here get detailed phone bills. Call them to check... once my sister received a 500 € bill on electricity, by mistake!

  3. princessmarina says...

    Moj telefonski rachun nikad nije ispod 1200 denara (a dinar i denar su skoro 1:1,ali to je 20 Eu.)i to je strashno!!Plata je 150 eu.i to najboljem sluchaju a detaljni rachun mozesh dobiti ali kradu nas stalno.......Nadam se da cesh biti dobro sa alerijom,i mene ce napasti ovih dana opet....Puno srece sa ispitom!!!voli te Marina

  4. wildeanne says...

    Ring up the phone company, maybe the bill´s not right. I wish you good luck for your exam. You´ll do well, I´ll think on you. Love, Dana

  5. ladydiana says...

    WHOA! Style change!

    Ok, anyway...

    "That's only way for the money to circle around because that "wonderful" Slobodan Milosevic had literelly robbed the budget during those 12 hard years of his governing"

    Really? I didn't know he'd done that...I'm surprised that didn't make it over here. (Or maybe it did and I wasn't paying attention...)

    We don't get very much press about Serbian opinion of Milosevic, and almost all of it is that the Serbs love him. Even recently.

    Was it really that hard for y'all to live under him? (I mean, before the war). I, at least, had been under the impression that it had been ok for Serbs...(and that from when I was in the Army...)

    I think one of the hardest things for people to understand is that a representative of the government (even an elected one) does not always represent the views of all of his people. I know Dubya represents nearly NOTHING that I hold dear, I dont' think that Arafat speaks for every Palestinian, and I know that the actions of "bin Laden" or "Al Qaida" are not representative of all Moslems.

    On another note...

    "'If God appointed you to be His artist, what color would you use mostly to color this world? Why?

    Green, blue, yellow and brown, because those are original colors of the world."

    Where did you get that from? I've recently heard something similar, but I'm reasonably certain you didn't hear it from the same place I did. 🙂

    • Iva says...

      I got the questions from .

      Loved him? Only the village people loved him! Well educated people hated him! I've been hating him since I was 4 years old because my mom taught me so!

      • ladydiana says...

        Hrm...well...that wasn't *exactly* the answer I was going for, but...ok.

        Hated him on what grounds? I thought the thing that made the Serbians like him so much was his Nationalist attitude. I don't quite get why that would make the well-educated people dislike him...

        /me is confused

        • Iva says...

          I mean....you got told many weird things, actually. He never had that much supporters because he was paying people to come and see him speak etc...and he was setting up all the elections...and when some of his speaks was on Tv they'd multiply people to look as if there were 100000 instead of 10000...it was weird.

          • ladydiana says...

            "I mean....you got told many weird things, actually."

            This is the kind of stuff that we see: http://www.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/europe/06/29/milosevic.protest/index.html
            http://www.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/europe/06/16/yugos.arkan/index.html (That one isn't really about Milosevic, though).

            "He never had that much supporters because he was paying people to come and see him speak etc...and he was setting up all the elections...and when some of his speaks was on Tv they'd multiply people to look as if there were 100000 instead of 10000...it was weird."

            Oh, as opposed to, say, George W. Bush, who completely fabricated information about who *actually* won the popular election?

            Maybe we should lock the two of 'em in a room together. 😛

          • Iva says...

            Arkan has been dead for more than 2 years now. He was a crimminal and he was working for Milosevic...until he decided to give up on that and that's when he was killed.

            Lock them???? That's what I was about to say in my next LJ entry....but also with a couple of other guys....are you a witch, by any chance?

          • ladydiana says...

            "are you a witch, by any chance?"




          • Iva says...

            I knew it! *evil grin*

            And I am a forest faerie, if someone's asking...


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