See??? I told you! (and 48 days left,of course!)

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

See???? I told you!!!!!!See???? I told you!!!!!!See???? I told you!!!!!!See???? I told you!!!!!!See???? I told you!!!!!!See???? I told you!!!!!!See???? I told you!!!!!!See???? I told you!!!!!! When I know something will happen,then I just know it! And this was so predictable...too predictable for Lucrezia...and that's why she left.Now she's a prnicess.The full name is Doctor Fairy Princess & Miss Rock Rose. Don't ask.It was based on Dr Jekkyl (or however should I spell it) and Mister Hyde.We're heading to the castles and swords.Like,hey.

I didn't manage to stay awake during the race because this virus of mine is so terrible...I almost fainted.Today I am OK...just something terrible and stinky in my throat. Yesterday I was coughing out some really big and ugly says it was just a badly swallowed strawberry...(sorry if this is too yuck!).I don't have sinusitis, but I definitely have something.Too lazy to go to the doctor...

The worst thing is that I have only 4 hours of my credit left...and Vedran is not sure if we're getting cable access right after we get the TV chanells or later...I hope it will be as soon as possible because this dial up is destroying me.So,no MSN and stuff this week...if I appear,ignore me.

The other bad news is that I am addicted to Clickomania..The damn game is so damn good.

And where is Marina when I need her?

Tale the test!
Take the "Which Microsoft Office program
are you? " test by Supersonic Squirrel

and visit her forest with loads of tests!

(Don't think this one was mine!)

Your magical style is Druidic.

What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

Take the 'Which Archangel are you?' Quiz!

Which Archangel are
you? by Xera

take the butt quiz.

and go to why not visit the site of someone who made a quiz about butts?

take the cher test.

and go to because laura isn't cher.

take the non-offensive quiz.

and go to laura = great.

what's your battle cry? | | merchandise!

take the nyu type quiz.

and then browse around because laura is cool.

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