A modo mio,avrei bisogno di sognar anch’io…

! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

I will turn 19 this evening at 22:15.Big deal,indeed.I am so not-happy for getting one year elder at all.(hope I didn't have to say "older")...I woke up at 3:45,actually my wonderful mother woke me up.She went back to bed and I made myself the earlies breakfast in my life-two small pieces of bread with margarine and one glass of almost-cold milk with Nesquick.Then I sat down to watch the Grand Prix and I opened Rosie's gift...she told me not to open it until today...actually,there was a warning on the envelope...the GP was terrible.Ralf Schumacher did a bad thing again(I know that one person will see it,but I do not really care,since she just cant remember my bday)I was sooo happy to see JPM leading because I am fed up with Youknowwho,but youknowwho won in the end...damn!The life is getting to be boring!And my poor beautiful Jackie/baby went out because of those two crappy safety car phases....I was also angry to see the arrogant Eddie on that high place...he's not worth even....dont have an idea...and dont have one sign at this keyboard!

Mama was soooo nice this morning...she sneaked in my room while I was doing my homework...she gave me 1000 dinars(about 15 Euros) and said that daddy must not know about it!)...maybe Ljilja will come today for a piece of cake....I just dont know!My net friends(except one) knew it was my bday....I am so glad I have them!

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  1. princessmarina says...

    happy birthday sweet Iva!!!!!!1
    Srecan ti rodjendan!!!!!!Zelim ti sve naj naj najbolje!!!!!

  2. emeraldsword says...

    Happy birthday! Lucky you, being nineteen. (I'm still eighteen - but I was glad to see the back of 17) Hope you have a better time and some nice celebrations!
    On another note, it should have been older, but don't ask me why! It's not important anyway!
    Happy birthday again!

    • Iva says...


      Well,I should have been three weeks younger,but I was born too early!

  3. icie says...

    Happy birthday, dear!!!


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