! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

I am so sad today...since the moment I turned on the TV and took a browse through the DSF teletext I started crying.I am still doing it and I can't help it.On the 2nd January 2002 will start the thing against which I was fighting for so long.47 hectars of my fave wood on this world will be cut down,because of stupid change that will be made on the track which was absolutely perfect.F**k Bernie,f**k FIA:(:(:(.Is some stupid money really more important than the trees and the fun the viewers have while watching the German GP?It was one of the last oases of real Formula One on a really fast track and at the same time a very impressive natural miracle.Damn,I love that place.I liked the Hardt wood for the very first time I saw it..I feel better at the end of July than at the beginning of January?And,where are those ecologists who,like,rule Germany?I don't seem to see them complaining!Well,us Serbs have one proverb for that and it says :"Para vrti gde burgija nece!"(The money can do it where a screwdriver can't).Someone must had paid for this madness.And,what's even worse,they put it as a good news.Like:"We'll cut the trees,ha,ha."Do we REALLY need one more stupid and sterylized F1 track like Silverstone and Magny-Cours?Those places look like deserts...and they're also boring!And,it's not the same when the drivers are driving through the wood...it's a special feeling that you can't have anywhere else...not even Spa!No one can deny it that it's the race where you can see the real driving skills and the real ability of the engine.Only the strongest can survive.There is some magic and that's why those human machines can't win there...the most beautiful memory(if I don't count Jacques and his tree cool podiums) will sure be Rubens Barrichello's victory in 2000.Have you seen how hard he was trying?It was a "do-or-die" for him.And he's made it.I've never seen such an unattractive person shining like that.His happiness has made him special.And,all the people who get on the podium there look very happy,with really peculiar smiles on their faces.It was so cute when Jacques almost felt down from the podium.:)It's like being the master of your own private jungle,being a savage in such pleasant nature and feeling something that no one else can feel.

Anyway,the next Wednesday my heart will be broken for sure.I was thinking of sending bulk mail to the webmaster of the Ring's site,but he hasn't doen nothing wrong.I was thinking about sending a letter bomb to the owners...but where can i find one?Damn!My last hope is that some mad people from Green peace or something like that will come and protest...

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