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! This post was written long ago. What you're reading is not necessarily how I feel about things in 2017. This blog was started by an 18-year-old in 2001. Please, keep that in mind before you freak out.

Yes,you read this and you might not know enough about the user named MissHardt.So,I filled one of those annoying net surveys...

Full Name: Iva Tanackovic (we usually don't have any middle names here!)
Nicknames:I have them only on the net and they are Squirrel,Supersonic Squirrel,maslacak97,MissHardt...
Birthday: 3rd March 1983.
Age: 18
Born In: Beograd,Yugoslavia
City/State you live in: Beograd,Yugoslavia
Boy/Girlfriend: Not yet
What famous person do people think you look like: When I was younger I thought I look like Cristinna Ricci...but now,nobody
What are you afraid of:Almost everything
Do you wear contacts or glasses: None
Describe what you look like: I am unable to describe myself in the
right way
What's your personality type: Nervous and too emotional
Do you think your attractive: Who knows...
Describe your perfect man/woman: hm...
Most Embarrassing Moment: It's nobody's business!
Your future kids names:
Boy: Dejan or Marko
Girl: Veronika
Do you sing in the shower: Yes!That's a big problem to the people who live in the same building!
Would you ever have plastic surgery:No way!Eek!Only if I had lost an ear or something...
Do you like surveys: Depends...
How much time do you spend on the internet at day:I don't know,I don't have internet access at home,so you'll never know when I'll be online!


Parents' names: Mirjana and Aleksandar
Parents' Ages: hm...nevermind
Parents 'Birthday's:
Dad: 23rd April
Mum: 11th May
Sibling(s): None...thanx God!
Sibling's Age(s): .........
Pets' names:I had a cat named Macika,but he was run down by a car:((((
Family car: Ford Ka and Renault 4
Last Family Vacation: Gyula,Hungary in 1998.
Next Family Vacation: Anything,anywhere,anytime!I am willing to get out of this city,I've almost forgotten how the world looks like!
Do you get along with you're family: Depends...
Have you ever said you hated your parents/Siblings? Yes, I say it all
the time to my father!
Do you and your parents have things in common? Yes,a lot.We are all
Things you don't like most about yourself: I am obsesive,everything bothers me,blabla

Ice Cream: Vanilla
Food: musaka (not the Greek,but Serbian one) and pizza
Dessert: everything...maybe tiramisu....
Vegetable: onions, watermellons,cucumbers and potatoes
Fruit: strawberries
Meat: chicken and tuna
Candy: all
Beverage:Sprite,Milk and Mineral Water *lol*
Movie: Mouse Hunting
TV Show:none,I hate them all,I watch only videos,cartoons,news and sport!
Channel: VIVA,DSF
Actress:Franka Potente,Jasmin Wagner,Nicole Kidman,Michelle Pfeifer
Actor: Ryan Phillipe and Jack Nicholson
Cartoon: Tom and Jerry,Cow and Chicken, Dexter's lab,Garfield,Screwy Squirrel,Penelope Pitstop...
Series on TV:"The Simpsons","Mothers and Daughters"
Movie Series:none
Cartoon Character: Tom,Dee Dee,Garfield,Penelope Pitstop,Cow,Screwy Squirrel
Animal: cat and squirrel
Brand of clothing: sporty stuff
Clothing store:Miss Sixty
Group: Green Day
Song: "Boomerang" by Blumchen(Jasmin Wagner)
Theme Song to a movie: "Believe" from ''Run,Lola,run''
Place to visit:All the F1 tracks,Berlin,New York,La Coruna(dunno why!),Brasil and Italy:)
Playground equipment: swing and slide
Salad Dressing: tartar sauce
Color: blue,pink,yellow,green and red put next to each other!
Thing To Wear: jeans and funky T-shirts,sneakers
Jewelry To Wear:watches,bead bracelets and necklaces,but not very often.I hate rings.
Place to Be: The Bridge on Danube near Beska and the wood in Germany starting with "H"
Sports: Formula 1,Ice dance and sumo
To play: cycling
To watch: Formula 1!!!!
Number: 3
Bug: Ladybird and butterfly
Flower: dandelion (maslacak)
Inside Joke: hm....
Brand of shoes: Reebok
Perfume/Cologne: all from the Bons Bons Malizia collection
Dream Car: Daewoo Matiz
Career/Family: Yes...one day
Where are you going to live: Here but I will have weekend houses on two strange places!
Are you ever going to marry: The guy who will want to marry me must be a jerk!!!!I am so strange!
Do you want to have kids: Aha
Are you going to College: We only have the universities and I am already there!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Finishing the uni.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: hmmm...
Where do you see yourself in 15 years: hm.....


Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? I still do
Loved a celebrity? Yes
Drank alcohol? Yes,but I didn't like it.I mean,I never got drunk I just tried some drinks but they were so *eek
Smoked? No
Done drugs? No
Broken the law? Yes,it's a normal thing here.I've gone to the fairground without a ticket about 100 times!
Ran away from home? Yes,but it never lasted more than one hour!
Broken a bone? No
Cheated on a test? Yes...it was sociology
Skinny dipped? No and I am not planning to!
Played strip poker? No
Played Truth Or Dare? Yes,I had to ask one old lady where she had bought her hat.
Flashed someone? No
Mooned Someone? No...isn't that a little sick?
Kissed someone you didn't know? Only in my dreams
Been on a blind date? No and I don't like that idea.
Been on a talk show/Game show? Yes,the game show.
Been in a fight? Yes,100 times when I was younger
Been outside of your country:I travelled to Croatia,Slovenia,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Macedonia,Greece,Romania,Hungary,Slovakia,Chesh republic,Italy,Austria and Germany.Was supposed to go to The Netherlands and Spain,but I didn't make it:( Never been oustside of Europe!:(
Rode in a fire truck? No
Been on a plane? No and after all that happened I think that I would be afraid to fly.
Cheated on your Boy/Girl friend? No
Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? No,but I was riding on other people's backs
Eaten a worm/mud pie? No
Kissed Someone? Yes,when I was 5 years old,I kissed my friend under the table!
Been in a sauna? Agrrhhh!!!!I hate sweating and nudity...NEVER!
Swam in a pool full of spaghetti? No.Where do people do such stupid things?
Farted in a bath tub and popped the bubbles with your teeth? LMAO!Farted yes*blush*,but popped the bubbles no:)
Have you ever drank a drink that your friends mixed up and had no idea
what all kinds of crazy things they put in it? No
Had sex? No
How far have to gone with a guy or a girl? Nowhere.
Do you dream in color? Yes
Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes!!!!!!
"Do You Believe in Love after Love" by Cher? Yes,it happened to me once
Have you purposely made someone feel bad? Yes,100 times
Are you sarcastic? All the time,that's my sign!
Have you ever stayed up to wee hours of the morning compleeting net
surveys? No.I type very fast:)
Do you dream lucidly (know your dreaming and be in control of actions
you take in the dream)? Aha,sometimes
Have you ever nearly killed someone out of a fit of rage?*blush*I don't think so
What are the little things that bother you about your friends? Everything.I am never satisfied!

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