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My name is Iva and I'm from Belgrade. I build websites for living and I ‹3 writing. My poems and prose reside here. I have been blogging since 12/2001.

Taller Than My Tree

May 2, 2016

Something in your eyes,
Something in my shame.
Something in the way
You never said my name.
Do you think I would be
Taller than my tree?
Do you think this is
All there is to me?
I know my shadow.
I am my shadow.
I am a shadow.
I am a tree.
I know what my tag says.
I want to hear […]

The Neversleeps

May 1, 2016

Back to writing the series!

Blind Spot

April 15, 2016

This is how you think I see you,
So, have it, the way you want it,
The way you claim you don’t.
You’re a thorn in my eye
Why don’t you leave?
You’re pretending to have changed
But a mutt will always be just that – a mutt,
A stray waving its empty dish in my face,
A […]

The Parcel

April 11, 2016

Marija has been sick for more than a month, presumably because her boyfriend had left her for a woman in Finland. However, her roommate and best friend Tanja has a different theory on what happened, involving a hipster writer named Isolde Dawson.

Wandering, Wrecked Heart

April 1, 2016

The only thing I never had
The only thing I wanted to be rid of
Your wandering, wrecked heart
A dark friendship
Of a large number of sevens
Never had a place to hide
Other than yourself
– September 08th and November 15th 2015; February 26th 2016

Little Crown

March 28, 2016

Not a part of the current stories.

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