A Plastic Star

Desires the Universe
Fragments of reality
Plastic yellow novae
She’s the Stargirl
Monsters of her
At the peak hour
Re-arranged words
She’s the Stargirl
So she travels
And travels
She travels, blindfolded
So she goes
And goes
She’s just dumbfounded
Never wanted to be a Stargirl
She tells the vacuum and dust
Never wanted the milk to twirl
Feet on the ground is a must
– July 21st, 2018.

She Said She Couldn’t Come

She said she couldn’t come
She had…those strict parents
She thought they were the same
They all wanted attention
It’s better to wear oneself down
And replay some bad day all over
She never ever sent her response.
She said she couldn’t come
She had…so many classes
She thought this was just one
Of those delusional people
It’s better to sit in the dark
And hate things Read on